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    SSC CGL(Tier I):1st - 20th August, 2017

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    Friday, 19 May 2017

    General English Idioms and Phrases Test for SSC CGL Exam

    Q1. To go against the tide
             (a) Stop believing (b) Oppose majority (c) To believe (d) To take revenge

    Q2. In high spirits
             (a)    Dead  (b) Cheerful (c) Sad (d) Shocked

    Q3. Give up for a song
             (a)    Very Cheaply (b) To stop singing (c) Remain silent (d) To surprise

    Q4. Send him to Coventry
             (a)    Surprise him (b) Boycott him (c) Send to church (d) Keep safe

    Q5. On the Cards
             (a)    Portable (b) Anticipated (c) Hidden (d) Truth

    Q6. Out of the question
             (a)    Important (b) Huge (c) Impossible (d) Dangerous

    Q7. Being scapegoat
             (a)    King (b) Warrior (c) Fall guy (d) Slave

    Q8. Run in the same groove
             (a)    Keep the secret (b) Moving slowly (c) Stay calm (d) Move in harmony

    Q9. Water under the bridge
             (a)  Something  which cannot be changed (b) Easy to change
             (c) Something in the river (d) Store the water

    Q10. Bad blood
             (a) Serial killer (b) Feeling of hatred (c) To appease (d) To deceive

    Q1. (b)
    Q2. (b)
    Q3. (a)
    Q4. (b)
    Q5. (b)
    Q6. (c)
    Q7. (c)
    Q8. (d)
    Q9. (a)

    What was your score? Share it in the comments section below.

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